Oregon DEQ odor and pollution complaint form

Please use this form to file an odor (or any other pollution) complaint about the landfill:


Coffin Butte Landfill “Odor Report” (complaint) form

Here is the form (new as of February 2024!) where you can report landfill stink directly to the landfill operator (please ALSO file your complaint with DEQ):



SWAC (Solid Waste Advisory Council) has been dissolved by the Board of Commissioners as of Sept 2023 (although doubts remain as to the legality of that move).

DSAC (Disposal Site Advisory Committee) is the body to which community members are supposed bring their comments, concerns and complaints about the landfill. Unfortunately, DSAC meetings were suspended by BofC for about a year during the BCTT process. They were supposed to have resumed in Oct 2023 but the County Commissioners suspended this group again! Unknown when in 2024 it will be allowed to resume…

To find out when meetings are to be scheduled, you can try the new Benton County website Disposal Site Advisory Committee webpage https://cd.bentoncountyor.gov/recycling-solid-waste/disposal-site-advisory-committee/

Benton County Board of Commissioners:

Meetings: The Board of Commissioners holds their regular board meetings on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Tuesday of each month starting at 9am. You can tune in virtually or attend in person. Agendas for these meetings are generally posted online a week before the meeting. To see an agenda/attend virtually, go to the commissioners’ Meetings and Events page: https://boc.bentoncountyor.gov/events-calendar/ and then click on the requisite meeting date. The link to their virtual meeting is embedded in the top of each meeting’s agenda. You do not need to pre-register to attend OR comment. Note that the Public Comment period is always at the very beginning of each meeting, so if you want to speak you need to be prepared!

How to view videos of past Board Meetings:
On the Benton County YouTube channel, under “playlists”, there is a comprehensive list of videos of past BOC meetings. Videos upload to YouTube within a few hours after the meeting. No account or signup is needed to view these.
o   Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxkQOCH37N7peQblIeSSV7l_tyofkD2iD

(Click here to learn how to understand the Commissioners’ Calendar.)

Commissioner email addresses:

Xan Augerot – Xanthippe.Augerot@bentoncountyor.gov

Nancy Wyse – Nancy.Wyse@bentoncountyor.gov

Pat Malone – Pat.Malone@bentoncountyor.gov

The Benton County “Trash Talk” workgroup

Here is the link to the BCTT homepage:

The BCTT process ended in April 2023. Click on the above link for the final report.

Oregon’s new Plastic Pollution and Recycling Modernization Act:

Here’s information about it on DEQ’s website:

Here’s a good explanatory article on Rogue Disposal and Recycling’s website (they’re down by Medford):

State Representative Dan Rayfield:

Dan Rayfield is our representative in the Oregon state government (we are in House District 16).