Comments, Concerns or Complaints about the landfill? [2-27-23 NOTE: We are working on a comprehensive Landfill Complaint Form for this website. In the meantime… (continue reading)]  Noise? Odor? Roadside trash? Litter blowing from trucks? Landfill activity outside hours of operation? Something else? Below are some options to make them known, but SWAC (the Solid Waste Advisory Council) requests you also make them aware. It is important that these get documented.

First, email SWAC:

Send your comments/concerns/complaints to Daniel Redick (Benton County Solid Waste & Water Quality coordinator) and put “Attn: SWAC” in the subject line.

In the body, be sure to state that you want your comment/concern/complaint to be added to the SWAC “packet” (this is the packet of documents provided to the members in advance of meetings; it also makes sure your issue becomes part of the public record – i.e., documentation!)

Then, alert the powers-that-be:

Start by filing a complaint with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Use this form to report on any issue you have with the landfill (odors, noise, ugliness, trash, etc. – it’s all ‘pollution’ to DEQ). Scroll down on this page for the “Online complaint form”:

You can file your form anonymously.

Interestingly, Republic Services has an online “Odor Report Form” but it is only for the PRC (Pacific Region Composting) facility, not the dump.

If you want to vent (or if online forms are not for you):

For “landfill-related issues” you can “call” them… (541) 745-5792

or “call” the County (541) 766-6819, but what kind of record is kept? Go ahead and call if you like, but also please email SWAC as described above, so that we have that documented record.


SWAC (Solid Waste Advisory Council) meetings typically take place the 4th Wednesday of each month and start at 6:00 pm. They are open to the public.

DSAC (Disposal Site Advisory Committee) meetings are only quarterly. They are held in conjunction with SWAC meetings, so are also on Wednesdays at 6pm.

Note: SWAC/DSAC meetings are not operating “normally” during the TTWG process though; they are limited to TTWG topics only — and public comment has been suspended(!) You can attend these meetings and listen/watch, but that is it. It is unknown at this point when normal meetings will resume; the latest estimate is probably June 2023.

Email (or call) Linda Ray, Benton County Community Development Dept. Admin Specialist Linda.Ray@Co.Benton.OR.US  541-766-6819 and ask to be put on the notification list for future SWAC meetings. You will then receive an email 5-7 days before the the meeting, and be given current information about how to attend.

Benton County Board of Commissioners:

(Click here to learn how to understand the Commissioners’ Calendar.)

The Board of Commissioners holds their regular board meetings on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Tuesday of each month starting at 9am. You can tune in virtually or attend in person. Agendas for these meetings are generally posted online a week before the meeting. To see an agenda/attend virtually, go to their webpage and then to their calendar (in the left-hand sidebar, or click here). The link to their virtual meeting is embedded in the top of each meeting’s agenda. You do not need to pre-register to attend OR comment. Note that the Public Comment period is always at the very beginning of each meeting, so if you want to speak you need to be prepared!

How to view videos of past Board Meetings:
·       On the Benton County YouTube channel, under “playlists”, there is a comprehensive list of videos of past BOC meetings. Videos upload to YouTube within a few hours after the meeting. No account or signup is needed to view these.
o   Playlist link:
·       Meetings are also livestreamed on the Benton County Facebook page, and the recording stays up afterwards. To find all the past videos listed, go to “More” and then “videos”. A Facebook account is needed to access these.
o   Benton County Facebook page:

The Benton County “Trash Talk” workgroup

Here is the link to the TTWG homepage:

(Agendas, materials, calendars and video recordings of prior TrashTalk meetings are available on this site, though it has been our experience that it is difficult to navigate.)

Oregon’s new Plastic Pollution and Recycling Modernization Act:

Here’s information about it on DEQ’s website:

Here’s a good explanatory article on Rogue Disposal and Recycling’s website (they’re down by Medford):

Institute for Energy Resource Management:

This amazing group’s focus is entirely on renewable energy and sustainable resource management.

State Representative Dan Rayfield:

Dan Rayfield is our representative in the Oregon state government (we are in House District 16).